Andrew Leach, F H Newman

Architect Friedrich H. Neumann escaped from Nazi persecution and left Vienna for New Zealand in 1939. Over the following twenty-five years, Newman (his name from 1947) worked for the Governement Architect’s Office in Wellington. This book presents Newman through his own archive of writing, and gives a first overview of his life and works in Vienna, in Russia (1932-1937), and in New Zealand, where Newman was appointed head of the Hydro-electric Design Office and responsible for all government housing design.

The lectures include :A moral approach to social order; On architectural education. The functional aspect of overall design ; The interrelation of engineering Design and architecture; Beauty in engineering; Social factors in architecture and their implications for New Zealand; Housing Design. New Zealand housing in the light of an expanding society; Architecture in hydro design ; The architect’s design and his status : comments on a visit to England, France, and Italy ; Design.

Andrew Leach is a senior Lecturer in Design at the Wellington Institute of Technology and Research Fellow at the Department of Architecture & Urban Planning of Ghent University.


21cm x 21cm, 222 pag.; ill.
Book design: Stéphanie Mangé & Wouter Willems
English edition
Publication date: 06/2003
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